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21 Jul 2022 | Webinar

World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) 2022 Side Event

Circular Economy Policies and Legislation: Experiences from Emerging Economies

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Time & Location

21 Jul, 15:00 - 17:15 CEST


About the event

This event entailed discussions around the need for circular economy policies and legislations in emerging economies, the barriers and enablers of such frameworks, as well as the benefits of implementing them. The aim of the event was to foster such discussions in the developing world.


The circular economy represents a pathway through which developing countries can “build back better” following the COVID-19 pandemic and recession. Circular economy policies and laws would enable developing countries to promote and enforce circular economy principles by bringing down some of the existing barriers such as having a clear nationwide strategy to implement circular economy, financing circular economy, supporting industry in capacity building, and duplicating efforts by different departments and ministries .


Overall, these laws would provide an overarching legal framework for governments to implement their circularity targets as well as allow the private sector to avail benefits and support during this transition. This side event fostered discussions with panelists from developing countries explaining the need for circular economy legislations in their countries, the challenges they face in the development of these laws as well as the opportunities around them.


Watch the recorded event

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