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  • Thor Lindskog

Harnessing Circular Economy Principles for Ukraine's Post-War Green Recovery

Ukraine, like many countries, faces pressing environmental and economic issues, including high levels of pollution, resource depletion, and inefficient waste management systems. Furthermore, the country's heavy reliance on traditional industries, such as mining and manufacturing, has led to unsustainable practices that contribute to climate change and hinder economic growth. To make matters worse, the armed hostilities engaged by the Russian Federation on February 24th, 2022, have significantly compounded these issues.

In this context, Ukraine has a unique opportunity to embrace circular economy principles as a catalyst for its green recovery and as a means for the country to build back better once the armed conflict comes to an end. Transitioning to a circular economy in Ukraine will minimise waste generation and resource depletion, fostering sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and the economy. Moreover, embracing circularity will stimulate innovation, encourage the development of green industries, and create new job opportunities, promoting economic growth and social welfare. Lastly, it will enhance Ukraine's global standing by showcasing its commitment to sustainable development and attracting foreign investment.

To learn more, view our White Paper here:

Harnessing Circular Economy Principles for Ukraine's Post-War Green Recovery
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