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Circular Economy Training Course for Government Officials in Ukraine

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) commissioned Arpit Bhutani (COO) and Apoorva Arya (CEO), co-founders of Circular Innovation Lab, to create a circular economy training course for government officials in Ukraine. The course structure is composed of three modules covering introductory concepts of the circular economy and their importance, circular business models, current environmental challenges, Key Product Value Chains and government planning to shift towards circularity.


The training course is composed of tailored training modules that aim to increase the engagement and knowledge of government officials in Ukraine on the circular economy. The course seeks to identify common barriers and benefits of the circular transition and explain policy frameworks that can be adopted by government officials in Ukraine to advance the transition to a circular economy in Ukraine.



Focus areas

  • Circular economy concepts

  • Circular business models

  • Circular economy policy frameworks

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