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Capacity Building

Workshops and Training

We offer workshops and training material based on your organization's specific needs.

Whether you require hands-on experience or training materials on a specific topic, we strive to deliver the value and the right message across to your team and support your organization on your unique circular economy journey.

Focus Areas

  • Material Selection

  • Product Re-Designing

  • Circular Loops and Flows

  • Circular Brainstorming

  • Material Journey Mapping

  • Product Journey Mapping

  • Regenerative Thinking

  • Circular Business Models


"Circular economy through new business models offers a $4.5 trillion economic opportunity by reducing waste, stimulating innovation and creating employment."


  • Promote the growth and competitiveness of your organisation

  • Cut costs and build resilience through circular products and business models

  • Reduce material consumption

  • Improve product efficiency and effectiveness through circular business models

  • Increase awareness on present sustainability issues

  • Learn to anticipate disruption and increase creative solution-finding in your team

  • Create a strategic advantage and become the best in class in your sector in the future

  • Create long-term scalable circular strategies

  • Identify new value-creation sources

  • Gain skills in cross-disciplinary collaboration

  • Discover industry-specific opportunities

  • Sustainably meet your users' needs

  • Boost future leadership and workplace engagement

Image by Jason Goodman
Image by Kenny Eliason

Looking to expand the expertise and skills of your team?

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