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National Circular Economy Roadmaps

Strategies for the future


Circular Economy Roadmaps

We collaborate with governments around the world to develop National Circular Economy Roadmaps.

Circular Economy Roadmaps are a strategic tool for promoting comprehensive change in developing countries towards a circular economy. They are concrete and practical solutions tailored to the countries’ unique context that allow them to transition from a linear to a circular economic model. They contain a vision as well as goals and tangible action points that support them in adopting and implementing circular economy solutions.



  • Build a country/organization-specific roadmap implementation strategy

  • Create a common mindset about the path towards a sustainable future

  • Find a way to engage key stakeholders

  • Build a path from plan to action

  • Help build a long-term healthier economic system

  • Help build co-operations and partnerships across the globe

  • Pave the way for resilience and a more sustainable economy

  • Help achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

  • Create a tool for a long-term action plan

  • Inspire others to become involved in the transition

Recent Projects


We are working with the Government of Angola on the development of a national circular economy roadmap. We have finalised an Expression of Interest (EOI) and in the next step will work towards developing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Image by AR

We are in discussions with the Government of the Philippines to develop a national circular economy roadmap for specific focus areas such as marine litter, solid waste management and mining. We have already received an EOI from them and are discussing the MOU.

Image by Douglas Lopez

We are in discussions with the Government of Paraguay to support their work towards a national circular economy roadmap. We have recently received feedback from them on our MOU and are currently working on adjusting it accordingly.


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