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Circularity Assessment Framework Advisory Group

Circular Innovation Lab, represented by our COO Arpit Bhutani, has been invited to join the Circularity Assessment Framework Advisory Group as a key member of the project "Accelerating Sustainability through Circularity in the Buildings and Construction Sector and Supporting developing and emerging economies for implementation." Circular Innovation Lab will leverage its expertise and leadership in the circularity and construction sector to provide strategic and technical feedback on the Circularity Assessment Framework and the set of indicators.


The initiative is being developed under the Circular Built Environment (CBE) working group established under the GlobalABC/OPN Materials Hub hosted by UNEP, and jointly implemented by UNEP, UNOPS, and UN-Habitat.


The main objective of the project is to develop and implement a set of indicators at National Level focusing on Circularity in the Buildings Sector.


In progress

Focus areas

  • Building and construction sector

  • Indicator development

  • Developing and emerging economies

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