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 A Global Roadmap for an Inclusive Circular Economy – From Idea to Action

The global circular economy transition must be inclusive to succeed. Yet, inclusivity is either poorly understood, vaguely defined, or often ignored in national and international circular economy (CE) initiatives and policy developments. There exists an urgent need for a robust and shared vision for an inclusive CE to help align and inform ongoing and future initiatives. Such a vision shall be accompanied through a global roadmap for collective action. There is no natural home for global and inclusive dialogue on such solutions for CE.


Create a global roadmap for a circular economy with inclusivity as the foundation.


In Process

Focus areas

  • Co-create a vision for an inclusive CE

  • Identify pathways for action

  • Operationalise collective areas for action

Executive Committee Members

Circular Innovation Lab, Chatham House, African Circular Economy Alliance, UNEP, UNIDO, PACE, WBCSD, World Economic Forum, Nordic Circular Hotspot, GIZ, African Circular Economy Network, EU Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

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