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Nordic Circular Construction:
Re-trade programme for critical construction materials and solutions

The "Nordic Circular Construction: Re-trade programme for critical construction materials and solutions" project, led by partners Nordic Circular Hotspot, Natural State, Hringrasarsetur, FundForward, Centre for Circulær Økonomi, and Circular Innovation Lab, addresses the underutilization of secondary and circular materials in the Nordic construction sector. Traditional construction practices favour new materials due to regulatory, logistical, market, and cultural barriers, leading to a fragmented market for reused materials. The primary challenge is the lack of market access and insufficient transactions for re-trade products, which hinders the development of a unified market across the Nordic countries. The project aims to identify and scale successful local initiatives to create a cohesive Nordic market for circular construction materials while overcoming current barriers and promoting sustainable building practices.

In the long term, the project will serve as a mediator and accelerator for commercially viable circular concepts, fostering collaboration across the Nordic region. Key project activities include mapping circular services and materials, sharing best practices, influencing public procurement, and developing business models that can be scaled across borders. The project will also connect with funding mechanisms to support market entry and scaling efforts, ultimately leading to a unified Nordic market for circulated construction materials.


The project will identify successful local and national initiatives, support selected companies from each country to scale up their commercially viable circular concepts for construction materials and solutions to the Nordic market, and, thereby, create a cohesive market for circular construction materials. The project seeks to develop a profitable and scalable re-trade market, unify market practices across the Nordic region, and promote the use of circular business models and modular building practices.


In progress

Focus areas

  • Circular construction materials, practices and services

  • Circular business models

  • Nordic construction sector


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