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North-South Circular Value Chain (CVC) within Textiles - A Shared Governance Model for Scandinavian Workwear Companies

The University of Borås, Aalborg University Business School and Circular Innovation Lab have just started the 'North-South Circular Value Chains Within Textiles' project - an explorative project that aims at bridging textile brands in the Nordics with a strong focus on sustainability with innovative producers in the South.


Made possible by a grant from the Interreg ÖKS programme, the first step is to create a specific economic, legal and technological framework allowing Scandinavian workwear companies to enter into close collaboration on circular solutions in the overall textile value chain.


The outcome of the project will be the formation of a shared governance concept and other tools that can be utilised by the engaged companies, knowledge institutions and other stakeholders in a joint multi-year project where practical circular solutions will be developed and tested and assessed for commercial viability and scalability.


In progress

Focus areas

  • Circular Value Chains (CVCs)

  • Circular and resource-efficient textiles economy

  • Workwear and technical clothing

  • Sectors such as construction, energy, electronics and IT, plastics, textiles, retail and metals


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