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  • Johannes Kaldalu

Developing Indicators for Attracting Circular Economy Investments: A Sustainable Development Pathway

The shift towards a circular economy holds immense potential to mitigate waste generation, minimise environmental degradation, and foster new business opportunities and economic growth. However, to effectively drive this transition, it becomes essential to establish robust indicators for measuring circularity across various sectors and projects.

Investors, both domestic and foreign, are increasingly seeking reliable and transparent information on the circularity performance of countries and specific projects. They are interested in understanding resource efficiency, waste reduction efforts, and the adoption of circular business models. Well-defined indicators play a critical role in providing a clear signal of a country's commitment to circularity, showcasing its progress in achieving sustainability goals, and demonstrating the effectiveness of policies and initiatives promoting the circular economy. Transparent indicators enable potential investors to evaluate the viability and potential return on investment in circular economy projects.

In this paper, we explore the use of indicators to measure circularity and how they can be used to design effective incentive frameworks, drawing insights from global best practices and real-life examples, and considering the specific context of developing countries. By sharing success stories and lessons learned, we aim to help policymakers and investors make informed decisions and contribute to advancing circularity and fostering a more sustainable and prosperous future.

To learn more, view our White Paper here:

Developing Indicators for Attracting Circular Economy Investments_ A Sustainable Developme
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