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  • Célestin Toeset

Shanghai Climate Week 2024 - Understanding climate change from a Chinese perspective

Taking inspiration from the influential Climate Week NYC, Shanghai recently hosted its own climate action summit. The 2024 Shanghai Climate Week (SCW), which happened from the 22nd to the 26th of April, marked the first of its kind in the Chinese megalopolis. Much like its American counterpart, the event brought together key stakeholders in a bid to communicate a Chinese perspective on climate change and the green transition. The week served as a platform for thought-provoking discussions, showcasing innovative solutions, and fostering collaborative efforts to chart a more sustainable future for the region and beyond. 

SCW adopted a holistic approach to the transition by inviting partners from around the world to share the stage, an idea further promoted by its motto: “China Action, Asian Voice, Global Standard”. While it provided a stage for high-level discussions, organisers had expressed a willingness to go beyond and contribute to “increas[ing] international exchanges and cooperation in the field of climate change, and participat[ing] in international rule-making and leadership”. The conference also aligned with Chinese global cooperation initiatives and its readiness to take part in international conversations. The China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED), for instance, has championed a bridging of the gap between China and the international community on sustainability and development matters since 1992. 

Aligning with the need for global dialogue, the SCW also put forth Nordic applications of circular principles and solutions to remedy industrial and waste management. Following the SCW opening ceremony, Circular Innovation Lab hosted an inaugural session on precisely that together with partners Dansk Industri, State of Green, and Innovation Center Denmark. Moderated by Circular Innovation Lab's COO Arpit Bhutani, together with Wincube Consulting Founder & CEO, Yuanxin Sun, the event welcomed Nordic representatives for several roundtables on circular economic principles and applications in these areas. Panellists included Thomas Østrup Møller (Ambassador of the Royal Danish Embassy), Harri Sallinen (Deputy Consul General to the Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai), and Lise Nordgaard (Consul General to the Consulate General of Norway in Shanghai). The session highlighted SCW's commitment to a cross-pollination of opinions, showcasing the potential of Nordic solutions to inspire Chinese practices and contribute to a globally standardised approach to sustainability. 


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