10 Nov 2022 | Webinar

Circular Economy and International Trade: Opportunities & Challenges for South Asia

As the role of trade policy and regulation becomes more clear, understanding their opportunities and challenges is becoming critical for policymakers in order to effectively support a circular economy transition.

Time & Location

November 10th, 2022
13:00 - 14:45 PM (CEST)

Online Webinar: Zoom

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About the event

After our last World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) Side Event Success (Circular Economy Policies and Legislation: Experiences from Emerging Economies) we are partnering again with Chatham House and UNCTAD  as co-hosts and International Trade Center as our knowledge partner, for the upcoming Circular Economy and International Trade Side Event sponsored by Sitra.


As a region with numerous developing countries, South Asia's economies are rising, with diverse economies and exports, like cotton in Pakistan and textiles in Bangladesh, thus this event will focus on the importance of Internacional Trade and regulations focusing on South Asia's regions, for a more accelerated transition to the Circular Economy. 


Trade can provide potential opportunities for a global circular economy by directing waste and materials to destinations where there is a comparative advantage in sorting and processing these materials. This is only one of many examples of the opportunities that can occur, thus the event will greatly explore what can be influenced by the linkages between trade and the environment, more specifically what are the International Trade Opportunities and Challenges for the rising South Asia giants.


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