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  • Aasavari Joshi

Boosting Electrical Reuse and Repair

As part of a project financed by Ecosurety, Reuse Network published a complete official guide to Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) repair and reuse on the 12th of September 2022. According to Reuse Network, the Fit for Reuse guidance will assist reuse operators in meeting legal standards. According to the non-profit organization which is devoted to helping reuse charities, the guide will help to address the mounting pile of outdated or unusable electricals that are recycled or disposed of and, through Reuse Network, will provide more high-quality, safe, and repaired electrical goods to those in need.

The instructions include pictures, advice, and updated checklists. According to Reuse Network, the information that can be downloaded and shared is a "major step" in professionalizing the industry, establishing best practices, and putting product safety at the center of reuse and repair activities. In addition to Trading Standards, Electrical Safety First, Currys, Charity Fleetcare, Arena Training, and Reuse Network members, more than 30 other partners contributed to the document's creation.


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