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  • Théo Venturelli & Arpit Bhutani

Marine Litter in the Philippines: A Circular Economy Opportunity

Continuing the business-as-usual scenario would mean more plastics in the ocean than fish by 2050 (in terms of weight) (Ellen McArthur Foundation, 2016).

This projection highlights the scale of the challenge we are facing regarding marine litter. At Circular Innovation Lab, this issue is at the heart of our work and we believe that it can be addressed to an extent via circular economy. This matter is also central to our proposal of a national circular economy roadmap for the Republic of the Philippines. A roadmap with marine litter as a focus area is highly imperative for the Philippines considering the scale of the problem (Jambeck et al., 2015).

For these reasons, this paper offers an in-depth investigation of the marine litter challenge, specifically in the Philippines to get a better understanding of the problem at hand and how it could be tackled.

Download the white paper to learn more.

Marine Litter in the Philippines_ A Circular Economy Opportunity
Download PDF • 1.52MB


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