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  • Aasavari Joshi

Reskinned and eBay - Partners for a Circular Fashion Industry

Reskinned, a sustainable secondhand clothes repair and resale company, and eBay, one of the largest e-commerce platforms worldwide, have announced an exciting new cooperation. They seek to increase the selection of secondhand goods available on the online marketplace and, through that, combat the rising amount of fashion waste. Shoppers can hand in worn items to Reskinned, which refurbishes these for resale, reuse, or recycling. This prolongs the item’s lifespan and prevents it from going to landfill.

Currently working with over 30 brands, including Finisterre, Sweaty Betty, River Island, and most recently Joules, Reskinned argues that secondhand items are often 40% less expensive compared to their high-street price, making their purchase a good decision for customers’ wallets as well as for the world. With the new cooperation, eBay's selection of secondhand clothing will expand to include a variety of items that have been repaired and made suitable for use again.

Through a "brand-approved" shopfront, eBay will also connect Reskinned with the marketplace’s approximately 20 million customers. According to eBay's 2021 Recommerce Report, 42% of eBay customer respondents mentioned environmental concerns and a desire to decrease waste as the main drivers for purchasing secondhand clothes. Nonetheless, financial motivations are still the main driving force behind buying secondhand goods.

The collaboration is eBay's most recent step in its "ongoing efforts" to decrease the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills. It comes after the launch of eBay's "Imperfects" Hub earlier this year, which enables customers to purchase clothing, shoes, and accessories that are brand new but that present a few flaws and can, therefore, not be sold at full price. Brand Outlet, a marketplace area where end-of-season stock can be purchased for up to 70% off, is a further initiative launched by eBay.

Jemma Tadd, Head of Fashion at eBay UK, says "we are aware that creating a sustainable future is increasingly important in the fashion industry. It's wonderful to join with Reskinned, which is at the forefront of supporting the circular fashion economy, as eBay has extended the life cycle of products since 1995, whether through consumer-to-consumer resale or the Imperfects center now”. She further added that combining Reskinned's experience in garment repair, resale, and recycling with eBay's reach to conscious consumers will help extend the lifespan of products, decrease waste, and demonstrate the range of ways in which consumers can shop in a manner that is friendly to their wallet as well as the earth.

The new eBay continues to follow the same concept as the old eBay greatly thanks to its investment in the circular economy. For the entire eBay community, this is a positive development. When it comes to listing a wide range of products of any age, condition, price, and number, eBay has successfully set itself apart from its rivals. For Reskinned, the collaboration allows the company to gain increased visibility and access to a large online marketplace. The collaboration represents a positive initiative in the quest to increase the circularity of the fashion industry.


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